About Event

IIPLA Virtual IP Summit will cover a number of evolving IP issues. This Virtual IP Conference gives opportunities for online one on one Meetings, Branding, Exhibition, and Promotion at a large scale. More than 2000 IP professionals from various law firms and organizations across the world will gather at Virtual Platform to discuss the latest in the IP industry, to showcase their products, services, and solutions to the IP Challenges.

About Company

Menteso is a specialist provider of Intellectual Property (IP) services which includes support services throughout Patent Lifecycle.At R&D stage, we provide Research Services including Whitespace, Landscape studies, State of the art searches, Freedom to Operate/Clearance searches etc.At Prosecution stage, we provide all pre-filing services including Patentability Searches, Patent Application Drafting, Patent Illustration and Accelerated Examination Searches etc.At Portfolio Management Stage, we provide post-grant services together with analysis services including Patent Proofreading, Patent Landscape Studies, Portfolio Analysis and Technology Watch etc.At Licensing Stage, we provide opportunity identification services including Evidence of Use Charts (Claim Charts), Patent Bucketing, Product List Generation and Patent Ranking etc.At Litigation Stage, we provide protection and enforcement services including Infringement Searches,  FTO/Clearance Searches, Validity/Invalidity Searches and EoUs/Claim Charts etc.Our Patent Research Services provide excellent support to Intellectual Property Attorneys, In-house IP Counsels, Law Firms, start-ups, individual inventors, academic institutions and other Law and Technology driven firms.Menteso has a team of foremost engineers and lawyers who have experience of providing Patent Research Outsourcing services to law firms, Intellectual Property Attorneys and Counsels and other fortune 500 companies with the most stringent processes to deliver highest quality patent services at competitive pricesMenteso cherish long-term relationship with its clients. The Menteso’s client relationship is endorsed by its quality assurance processes, deep domain expertise, comprehensive workflow processes and information security standards.